Developed and approved by: President of Regional Public Organization Development of Martial Arts “IMAF-Eurasia” Yu. V. Smirnov

СПб.: Реноме, 2013, — 82 с.
ISBN 978-5-91918-324-2

Program for Children’s and Youth Sports School and national federations on traditional ju-jitsu includes regulatory basis for controlling activity of sports schools (federations) and basic principles of sportsmen’s training. In the process of developing the present program there were used regulatory requirements on physical and sports training of sportsmen based on current scientific methodical data and recommendations on training sports reserve. Training program is meant for 2–3 years of training in the groups of basic training (BT), 4–5 years for training groups (TG), including 5th year of training as a sporting self-perfection stage (SP).

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